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We have had our part-time Digital Assistance position open and decided to expand our staff to create a new full-time position. With some new grants and increased client needs we decided it would be best to create this new position.

The position is designed to be half youth programs and half family services. We know it might be hard to find a candidate with strengths in both, but we can be flexible with job duties based on a great candidate. So don’t let the big job description scare you, it can also be a great learning experience for the candidate who wants to learn more skills.

We are a fun and hard working team. While non-profit jobs are not known for high salaries they are extremely rewarding. We do pay competitively and provide a flexible schedule a fun team to join.

Job Description (PDF)

Please review the job description and let us know if you have questions. We want to fill this position before our summer programs start so interviews will start right away. Please email a resume to Sam at:

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Vigil for Supreme Court


Members of SCIA arriving at La Casa for Vigil

Monday afternoon we hosted the Student Coalition for Immigration Advocacy (SCIA) here for a vigil. It was one of several vigils in the area and thousands around the country. The Supreme Court started to hear the case for the actions of President Obama to expand DACA and start the DAPA program.

A vigil was held at the same time at the Grotto at the University of Notre Dame and we thank everyone who attended that event as well.

Thank you to all the media outlets for covering this important news for our community.

ABC 57
FOX 28
WSBT (link not posted yet)
Tribune (picture in 4/19 A2)

We estimate that over 4,000 people in this area are directly impacted, and indirectly that would mean tens of thousands would be impacted. There are many sites with information about DACA/DAPA and other immigration reform questions. Please take time to educate yourself as this issue will become increasingly discussed. Here is one simple source with some information from our partner LULAC and the USA Chamber of Commerce: LINK

We appreciate all the LIKES on Facebook and sharing our posts support this and comprehensive immigration reform. Thank you to everyone who is helping spread the word about why this is an important issue nationally and right here in Michiana.

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Summer Volunteering and Internships

Summer 2015

Summer 2015 Adelante


We are reaching out because La Casa de Amistad is offering unpaid internships and volunteer opportunities for the following summer programs.

Crece Conmigo Summer (2-7th graders) This is a cultural enrichment/recreational camp where students do many fun activities and field trips. Each summer we choose a topic that will educate our children about Hispanic culture and this year we have decided to go with a little bit of history, they will learn about the Mexican Revolution. Their schedule is Monday-Thursday 11-3 pm they will receive lunch during the day.
First day June 13
Last day August 5
one week off in between July11-15

Adelante (8-12th graders) is a youth summer camp that focuses on cultural awareness and college visits. They will be focusing on the same cultural topic but in a more extensive approach as well as visit colleges in the state of Michigan. Their schedule is Tuesday-Thursday 3-6 pm and Friday all day (usually traveling to schools on Fridays start time at 9 am latest time of return 8 pm).
First day June 13 (yes a Monday this is for students and volunteers to become acquainted as well as go over the rules no trip first Friday)
Last day August 5
one week off in between July11-15

Listos for kindergarten This is a new program that will run for 8 weeks as well. It is a kindergarten readiness program for children who have had no access to preschool head start and are kindergarten age. It is a bilingual program and is only half day.
Start date June 13
Last day Aug 5
Monday-Friday 8:30-12 pm
Graduation date August 8th

You may choose to volunteer for any of these programs 1-4 times a week as you choose. Interns working for class credit will need a minimum of three days per program of choice.

Orientation date for volunteers and interns is June 9 (Thursday) at 3 pm. Plan to be here an hour or two. All Volunteers/Interns must pass a background check, be 18+ or be chaperoned by a parent/guardian while volunteering.

Please let us know if any of these opportunities sounds interesting to you and if you would like to know more at We can offer some flexible times for other internships with our front desk, or other programs but these times are our greatest need.

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Stand Stronger | Citizenship Resource

“Make your voice heard, with the most fundamental rights of living 
in a democracy – the right to vote.”

StandStrongerA new website called “Stand Stronger” has been initiated by the White House as a resource for people with questions on the process to become an American Citizen. It includes a great video message from President Barack Obama and we encourage everyone to take a look at the video.

English website:
Spanish website:

The website includes great links to information about the Citizenship process and both national and local resources; including our ENL Citizenship Classes.

If you’ve been a legal permanent resident for more than 5 years, you’re most likely eligible to apply for US Citizenship!
– or – if you’ve been a legal permanent resident for 3 years & married to and living with a US citizen spouse for those 3 years, you’re likely eligible to apply for Citizenship
– or – if you’ve been a legal permanent resident for more than 20 years and are over age 50 or a legal permanent resident for over 15 years and over age 55, then you most likely qualify to become a US Citizen and do the entire process in your native language….!

Stand StrongerIf you have any questions please call La Casa de Amistad at (574) 233-2120 for citizenship class & help applying for citizenship!

It’s now. The time is now!!

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