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South Bend Community Resident Card (Clic para Español)


Photo Courtesy of SF Global LLC

On January 3rd, 2017 we began taking appointments to provide the new South Bend Community Resident Card (SB ID).

The SB ID program is for everyone living in South Bend, including populations that have difficulty obtaining other forms of photo identification. Anyone applying for the card will need to provide proof of identification and proof they reside in the City of South Bend. The SB ID can help with things like picking up kids from school, getting financial statements, and ordering official transcripts from a local college or university.

La Casa de Amistad partnered with SF Global, LLC to create the verification system for the ID Cards. SF Global is managing municipal IDs for several cities around the country, including Oakland, CA, Richmond, CA and Detroit, MI. Detroit launched their program last week. Story on Detroit Launch: Click Here

Download SB ID Requirements: SBID Requirements – 2018

You need to schedule an appointment by calling our office at 574.233.2120. The SB ID will be $25 for community residents, with discounts for seniors ($20) and children 14 and older ($20). Please download the brochure (Coming Soon) that gives details on the documents needed to come and apply for the SB ID. We recommend bringing several of the items from the list so we can process your application. Only original documents will be accepted.

SB ID Mayor Pete

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg

The SB ID will be a verified photo identification card. A primary benefit will be to interact with City of South Bend services like SB PD, Fire Department, etc. The SB ID is designed to help keep our community safe. It will be up to companies, vendors and offices outside of city departments if they accept the card. We are working on the final list of places that will accept SB ID.

We are working with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, South Bend Common Council, and local businesses as partners in providing support to vulnerable populations that have difficulty obtaining photo identification. We are still looking for local businesses who will accept the SB ID as photo identification. If you have questions on the program please contact our office.

In the fall of 2014 the Social Justice committee from the St. Adalbert’s parish started working on ideas to address concerns from parishioners who had difficulty obtaining identification. In the early 2015 the committee approached community leaders, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and common council members about the idea of a city ID program. With the support of Karen White from Common Council, and Mayor Pete and his staff plans began for a local identification program. Through the work of the committee, the Common Council and the Office of the Mayor, it was decided to launch an ID program through La Casa de Amistad using SF Global for verification.

We want to be able to provide the SB ID even to those who can’t afford the fee. If you want to help sponsor program costs, or sponsor IDs for residents who are not able to pay, please call us and send a donation for this program. You can donate via PayPal right here:

Questions? Contact: SBID@lacasadeamistad.org