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No Human Being is Illegal Sign

Standing With Immigrants

From the very beginning, La Casa de Amistad has worked to support our immigrant community––advocating for their rights and developing programs side by side to make our community a better place.

The recent attack in El Paso, the inhumane treatment of children and families at the border, and the continuous hateful rhetoric against immigrants cannot be tolerated. Two days ago it was the news about ICE raids in Mississippi and yesterday the news that our very own South Bend ID program is under attack demonstrates that nothing is out of bounds. This must stop.

No Human Being is Illegal Sign

No Human Being is Illegal sign
at a past community rally.

When we started our No Human Being is Illegal campaign we wanted to elevate and humanize the discourse around immigration. We wanted to show that words matter, and today more than ever we see why rhetoric and words matter. Words drive behavior––and they can drive hate, or they can drive love.

We are here to drive love, to drive compassion, and to drive the change we need to see the in the world.

We have driven change for our community through the SB ID program, ensuring that every resident in our city is protected and welcomed. Amidst these new threats, hatred, and attacks, we will continue to protect our most vulnerable communities, but we need your help. We need YOU to get a SB ID. We want everyone in our city to get one. We want everyone to stand united to show that South Bend is a welcoming city.

We show love to our community when we humble ourselves to understand their needs. We show love when we give of our time and talents to help others. We show love to our community through the ways we spend our money and where and how we donate it.

We will be hosting and SB ID drive downtown this weekend. Come down from 10AM to Noon
we will be under the State Theatre Marquee. Please check out SBID Page on what
documents you need to bring to qualify:

Can’t come? Don’t live in South Bend, then please leave a donation so
we can help get cards to others.

We know the arch of justice is on our side. We will be patient, but we will work hard to keep bending it in our direction.