Welcome to 2018

2017 Best NineToday (1/8/18) we opened after a much needed two-week break. Over break we posted our #2017BestNine, our most liked Instagram Pictures, and it really reminded us how blessed we are to serve the South Bend Region.

In 2017 we started new programs (South Bend ID, Citizenship Classes in Warsaw, and Spanish classes with SJCPL), we increased our advocacy efforts (No Human Being is Illegal, Know Your Rights Programs, DefendDACA, supported Goshen GRID, and much more) and we continue to grow and strengthen all of our current programs.

We want to thank our Board of Directors, all of our volunteers, and our staff for their tireless and dedicated work here at La Casa.  It will be challenges, opportunities, and with our supporters, and our community, we are ready for 2018!

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