Open Letter to the Community

Dear Community,

With the historic election behind us, we are now set to look forward to what the President Elect and our legislators of the United States will do about immigration policy. Our community has waited many years for reform. In the past, there have been several attempts at comprehensive immigration reform and the passage of the Dream Act, but without success. We know right now is an uncertain time for all of us, but most importantly for immigrants in our community, mixed status families, and most of all, those who are here undocumented.

We don’t know what will happen in the future, but we know one thing, and we want to assure you of that today. La Casa de Amistad will continue to stand with and support our families and friends. We will continue to provide affordable immigration legal services and information, and high quality youth programs. We will continue to engage families in meaningful programs and will increase the resources we provide our community. We will continue to strengthen our advocacy efforts here locally, within the state, and nationally.

We are here for our community, and we have built a coalition of like-minded people who are here to help. We will not only continue to do what we have done successfully for over 40 years, but we will strengthen our resolve, we will sharpen our focus, and we will dedicate ourselves to the betterment of local Latino and immigrant families.

Mi Casa es Su Casa… we mean it more today than yesterday, and will mean it even more tomorrow. To our community, we are here for you. To our supporters, thank you for what you do. Let’s work together to make the world a better place for our children.

God bless,

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